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An Arizona Herringbone Quilt Friendship Diamond Quilt
A Crisscross Diamond Quilt Folk Medallion Quilt
New Diamond Strings A Wild & Free Quilt
A Wanderlust Quilt New Diamond Strings Quilt
Winter's Garden Quilt in Emmy Grace Wild & Free -- Follow the Stars Quilt!
An Autumn Sun Quilt Indie Symmetry Quilt
A Winter's Garden Quilt Follow the Arrow Quilt
A Diamond Zig Zag Quilt A Marvel Comics Quilt
A Princess Castle Quilt A Making Rows Quilt
A Soaring High Quilt Sunset Quilt -- Road
Nordika Zig Zag Quilt A Tsuru Modern Sampler Quilt
A Winter Herringbone Quilt An Endless Summer Quilt !
A Rock 'N Romance Skull Quilt An Autumn Herringbone Quilt // Maureen Cracknell Handmade
Rock 'n Romance Diamond Strings Quilt A Butterfly Quilt
Ant Farm Quilt -- qayg Applique Art Quilt
A Glimma & Linen Quilt ABC Quilt for Baby Hensel
A Typography Quilt Forest Collage Quilt
Chicopee Triangle & Colorblock Quilt QAYG Quilt
rainbow Srappy Improv Quilt
L quilt Symmetry Quilt


  1. Lovely quilts, especially the one with the 'L' on it :)

  2. All of your quilts are absolutely beautiful Maureen. I especially like the Rock 'n Romance Diamond Strings and the Soaring High quilt with all the flying geese, which is almost exactly like one I have been working on (in my mind and on the sketchpad.) Keep up the good work and thank you for the PDF of the QAYG String quilt (Herringbone). I am just now finding it today, but it's just as lovely as when you posted it over 2 years ago.

  3. Beautiful designs. You can easily find many more designs if you did quilts online shopping India. Thanks for the post.


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